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Established in Beaverton, Oregon 2001, Duro is a brainchild of Danny Rubyono, a SCAD alumnus who earned Master of Art degree in computer art. His passion involves fusing art, design, moving images, and technology to create thoughtful, purposeful, and beautiful design-infused product or experience.

Duro is a collective design boutique. Our strength lies in the ability to leverage our various backgrounds as designers, directors, animators, and filmmakers to establish a collective fusing of ideas, images, movement and experience - that will bring brands to life across all platforms.

Our approach is driven by passion for invigorating brands through rigorous conceptual process resulting distinct, authentic product that emotionally engage audiences internationally.

Duro offers full-service branding and design through the careful assembly of hand-picked teams, tackling everything from visual design, moving images to user interface, and environmental design.

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