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In 2013, the creation of Oceanshutter.com began with the desire to share the beauty of the underwater world with everyone. The earth is mostly covered in water, and it is his pleasure to share the adventures in the depths of the sea with you. Oceanshutter.com is operated by Dustin and Tyra Adamson.

As an Award Winning Underwater Videographer, Dustin's travels have taken him all over the world, with many more places to visit. Some of the destinations where he has travelled includes: Cozumel, Mexico, St Lucia, All the Cayman Islands, Roatan Honduras, Bonaire, Florida Keys, Crystal River Florida, Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, Palau, Lembeh Strait Indonesia, Komodo Indonesia, Anilao Philippines, Dumaguete Philippines, the Red Sea in Egypt, Galapagos Islands, and most recently the Revillagigedo Islands.

For questions or purchasing usage rights, please contact Dustin directly either through Vimeo, or oceanshutter.com/contact.html

Dustin is currently shooting with a Canon 5d Mark II, 15mm Fisheye, 17-40mm, and 100mm Macro Lens. For Lighting he uses Sola 4000's and 2000.

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