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"I'm an aficionado of the arts. I'm about people. I'm about you.

My voice has resonated on some of the most sought after prime time slots on television from American Idol to the Super Bowl and is part of the Transformer's Franchise as the voice of Autobot Evac on Transformer's the Ride, 3D.

As an on-camera actor I've had roles on a handful of television networks, two leading roles in features distributed by Redbox and played Nick Andrews in Out of Focus, an official selection of Cannes 2013.

In 2012, I accepted my first award as a director at the International Honolulu Film Awards for my debut feature, Just the Vampire Hunter. It's a cult film. I think you'd dig it.

I share in hopes to inspire, connect and grow. I'm grateful for the journey. Thanks for stopping by!"

- Dustin James Leighton

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