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I’m a video producer and web editor based in Southern Arizona experienced in covering military and hyperlocal reporting. I serve Tucson, Nogales and parts of Sonora, Mexico. I’m fluent in Spanish, can travel and am able to file from the field.

A former editor for AOL’s Patch.com, I became highly adept at “backpack journalism.” AOL published regularly published my video and written work on its national platforms. My military coverage took home three San Diego Press Club Awards.

In 2010, I graduated from Columbia University’s Journalism School where I attended as a Pulitzer-Moore scholar while interning at The New York Times. I also took part in The New York Times Student Journalism Institute in 2010.

I became a staff writer at The Watertown Daily Times in Northern New York State, where I covered Fort Drum Army post. I later became an editor and mobile journalist for AOL’s Patch.com in Northern San Diego County.

In New York, my stories were often picked up by the Associated Press. My work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Army Times, The Huffington Post and various other publications and television stations. It has also been quoted on MSNBC and served as research for an investigative CNN story on the Fort Drum community. Some of my military footage appeared in a commercial for Walmart.

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