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David Weber-Krebs is a theatre director, a film- and video-maker, and a performer. His work varies between theatre performances that either are intimist or stage crowds, lecture performances, events for one spectator in the public space, as well as films and videos. He explores various contexts as a basis for an experimental process, which questions the traditional relationship between the work of art and its public. The spectator is placed right into the centre of the work, which is playing with his perception and expectations. Weber-Krebs emphasizes the place of spectacle as a shared social space. One of the recurrent features of his work is the relationship between the individual and the group as well as his tie and his power of belonging to a community or a society.
David Weber-Krebs creates situations engaging the spectator in a complex game between getting absorbed or merging with an art piece, and keeping his critical distance towards it. Be it by staging actors (ex. into the big world), a donkey (Balthazar), a minimalist sculpture (Performance, Robert Morris revisited) or a public space (Miniature), the form is ever reduced to its simplest expression. It becomes like a projection screen, inviting the spectator into a mode of active contemplation where meaning is not given but produced by the spectator. The theatre performance Fade out (2005) for example, is based on the slow extinction of the lights until the whole space lays in complete darkness. Two actors accompany this drama of irreversible disappearance and until its final consequence. The public is both witness and active participant of this highly sensitive process. While the lights are fading-out, the eyes of each spectator must adapt to the new situation until everything is plunged into darkness.

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