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Michael Ney, filmmaker and digital media producer, has over 30 years experience in media production in creative and project management roles. His portfolio includes pioneering ventures in photography, multimedia and web development, filmmaking, social media and publishing. With a network of highly skilled colleagues production of any scale is possible.

Email: michael@eaglespiritmedia.com
Tel: +61 418 965 517

Eagle Spirit Media
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Eagle Spirit Media provides video and digital media production for business, corporate and education.

We support cultural creatives, artists, lifestyles of health and sustainability such as Eco Products and Services, and Health Practitioners.

Services include total video production, ebooks, photography, web design, multimedia presentations and social media consultancy.

Previous clients have included Westpac, Sydney University, UTS, Sydney City Council, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, NetRegistry, Shine Sydney Events, Robert Kirby, Foodbank, BupaCare, Professional Golf Association, and many others.

Behind the scenes (making-of's) is a favourite, and Michael is currently working on Peter Andrikidis latest feature film "Alex & Eve" due for release late 2014. In 2008, Michael shot the "Behind The Scenes" DVD/web material for the SBS TV second series of "East West 101" also directed by Peter Andrikidis and produced by Kris Wyld and Steve Knapman.

Michael is also a founding member of OzDox - the Australian Documentary Forum. ozdox.org

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  • Eagle Spirit Media - is a production company providing creative services for small business, corporate and educational video and multimedia. Michael Ney is a director, producer, cameraman and editor.
  • Annexium - is a contract drafters' network, training provider, and publisher for members worldwide. Benefit from practical resources for contract drafting, combined with both formal and peer learning.
  • Dilanchian Lawyers - Michael is also a senior consultant to Dilanchian Lawyers project managing the communications and publishing projects of that firm and its clients.


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