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Earshot Presents was founded as Earshot Audio in 2002. Originally established as a showcase for the audio documentary work of independent producer John Basile, EP now serves as a multimedia portal featuring music and other audio, photo, video, multimedia slideshows, and posts about culture, technology, current and upcoming events, and more.

The mission of Earshot Presents is to entertain, inform, and inspire by the sharing of creative work and ideas.

Earshot Presents publishes two RSS2 feeds. The first:
…is the general feed for all EP’s published content.

The second feed:
…is for Within Earshot, the rich-media podcast published by Earshot Presents. Please subscribe to Within Earshot in your favorite podcatcher like iTunes or Juice.

Got a suggestion about how Earshot Presents could be cooler? Drop a line by commenting on any of the posts, or use the Contact form to be in touch. If you enjoy Earshot Presents, please tell a friend to check it out.

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