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Anthony EBIS Hernandez

Media Producer
Digital Artist
Resident Party Animal

After graduating from Katherine Gibbs, Anthony began his career as a graphic designer and brand influencer at Music Choice, where his love for music and art were a perfect fit. Anthony quickly began creating motion graphic packages and animation for original programming and client advertisements, proposing and consulting on smart phone app creations, redesigning the channel’s look and creating original show content.

After a very successful run at Music Choice, Anthony began receiving numerous requests for his work by outside clients which led to a new phase of his life as an independent digital artist. His first client was Universal Music Group, where he created a promotional video for Lil Wayne’s rebirth album, which garnered admiration from both the label and the artist. Due to Anthony’s visual and creative abilities, Lil Wayne asked him to begin working on his clothing line, TRUKFIT. Ultimately, Anthony has been creating TRUKFITs promotional videos for the last two years; shooting, editing and using motion graphics to create stunning visuals to push the brands aesthetic. Anthony’s hard work did not go unnoticed, and he eventually began working with high-end companies and brands; Pepsi, Sean Carter Companies, Sports Illustrated, Monster Products, Hot 97, Atlantic Records, Bad Boy Records, Alek Wek, Pauly D and others.

Anthony is a diverse digital media artist with a vast skill set and years of experience utilizing his visual eye. Anthony always explores new approaches to each projects with versatility and an ability to work in many mediums. Partnering to create The Bridge Agency was the next step in Anthony’s career as he continues in his passion to help brands better communicate their competitive edge.

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