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The purpose of the Visual Media Services Department is to support the Edmonds Community College's learning community with timely, creative, and quality visual communications in support of the College’s Mission and Goals.

It is the responsibility of Visual Media Services to plan, operate, maintain, produce and improve visual communications access through the use of Vimeo, Comcast Ch 21 / 26 & Frontier Ch. 38 educational cable access stations, iTunes U, DVD production and distribution thorugh additional online resources as they develop.

The Visual Media Services department records all guest speakers, college arts, culture and civic engagement activities in addition to the production of instructional and promotional programs. The department also maintains and operates and the student video lab.

Visual Communications operates and maintains Comcast (South Sno. Co.) Ch21 & 26 and Verizon Ch. 38, running 150 hours of programming and 18 hours of Message Board announcements per week .

In addition to instructional programming the department produces 7 major program series for Comcast Ch21 /26, Frontier 38 with iTunes U playback & DVD distribution. More than two hundred programs per year are produced by the Visual Media Services department.

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