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Stefanie has worked for the German production company EXIT as an editor and sound recordist producing reports for the influential German TV Broadcasters ZDF, 3Sat and MDR. She has also worked as a freelance camera operator and editor at the Theatre and Opera House of Magdeburg on producing videos for the play DonQuijote and a documentary about the ballet Manon Lescaut. Additionally. Stephanie’s current focus is on corporate and promotional videos for film, TV and Theatre in the UK and she is a key editor on the Acting Raw documentary. Additional credits include directing and editing the documentary 20 years Summer School Wust, corporate videos for Team Dorset Challenge and BAFTA, a promotional video for the play Doorways and sport training videos for the companies New Justice Films and

In addition to her work experience, Stefanie has ran camera and editing workshops for the federal association for cultural education of children and youths and organized media workshops for children at the Media Competence Centre in Magdeburg. Stephanie holds an MA with distinction in Post Production Editing from Bournemouth University Media School UK and a German Bachelors in Media Literacy and film and editing certificates from the University of Malta.


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