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Hi there!

My name is Ed Muir and I'm passionate about drawing, I'm a student animator (my absolute passionate medium is traditional hand-drawn animation) studying at Southampton Solent University, graduating 2011.

Before moving to Southampton to study animation, I completed a HND Graphic Design, AS Photography and completed one year of the BA Sequential Illustration course at Swindon College. During the summer break between 2nd and 3rd year at Southampton, I approached PEW 36 Studios in Southampton for work experience and I was given the role as an animator and additional set creator on a CGI short film called Pancho. This also gave me the opportunity to develop my final year film getting access to constant feedback from studio owner Adam Comisky and his team.

My other passion is music - playing drums and teaching myself piano or jamming with friends. I love movies (a great research tool) and when I can, I ski. That's been on hold lately but now that universitey is over, bring it on.

Over the next few years, my aim is to gain as much experience as I can so I would be interested in hearing of any work opportunities.

+44 (0)79 513 74893


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