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Created by educators, Jeff Hoffart & Tosca Killoran, Ed-ucation is a publishing company in its infancy.

Our mission is to make educational resources easily and readily available that support teachers and learners. We aim to support the greater learning community with resources that enable inquiry into personal and social development, language, numeracy, technology, and how to take action.

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  • ED-ucation Publishing Homepage - Created by educators, Jeff Hoffart and Tosca Killoran, ED-ucation Publishing is international, multifaceted and growing fast, and is dedicated to providing resources for educators, parents and students.
  • Destiny Quest Guide - Get the most out of using Follett's Destiny Quest! (How to guide & videos, sample lessons that integrate CCSS, worksheets, assessments, and more!)
  • Help Take Action - Every teacher wants their students to take authentic action, but how do we help that process unfold in our classrooms? Here you will find many resources that support your journey through the eBook or Print copy of "A is for Action" to make this a reality.
  • What is the IB? - Learn all about the IB : The IB is a concept driven, inquiry-based curriculum framework that is made up of the PYP, MYP and DP programmes.
  • IB Learner Profile - Whether you are a parent, teacher, student, or administrator, this is your hub for IB Learner Profile resources!
  • TEDxYouth@BIS - In only 4 years since the creation of TEDx, TEDxYouth@BIS has held events in 2011, 2012 and in 2013! Learn about past events, be inspired by our youth, learn about TED, TEDx, TED-Ed, Organize your own event, or join our team!


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