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Los Angeles, CA

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A recent Graduate of the University of Southern California with an MFA degree in Film & Television Production.

I am a positive, hardworking editor who utilizes a vast knowledge of creative and technical skills in collaborating with fellow filmmakers to create enjoyable and meaningful films.

Currently working as an Apprentice Editor on the feature film "Men, Women & Children."


  1. David Haskell
  2. fred park
  3. Travis Laughlin
  4. Lindsey Villarreal
  5. Alex Parker
  6. Chris Kurose
  7. Andy Landen
  8. Anthony Bushman
  9. Joe Della Rosa
  10. David McCracken
  11. Adair Cole
  12. Neil Creque Williams
  13. maritte Go
  14. Nelson Ceron
  15. Evan Matthews
  16. jin yoo
  17. Ashley Maria

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