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benjamin s. pereira was born in 1966 in lourosa, portugal, the son of a castrator and a dressmaker. never graduated in a specific course or had academic studies, but studied arts and design as well philosophy and humanities. he drifted from one pursuit to another, from painting to music, and worked variously as a salesman, bartender, broadcaster and columnist, library investigator, chef and functions manager. published diverse material about literature and poetry in newspapers and worked eight years as editor, producer and host of radio shows. published one small pamphlet of (fragments of) letters to mr. william cockroach, unsent texts and letters dedicated to william s. burroughs (1993). he’s the author of the short film script still | hating | love directed by fernando campos for panico productions, london, 1998. he is the founder and art director of the catalogue of wonders (arts) based in london, producer and agitator of sounds and his work ranges from electro-acoustic to ambient to techno to exploratory territories, with collaborations and released works with phirnis,, synopsis decay, matteo marchisano-adamo, an-men, ma shi mi, inicolabug, james mccall, oorlab, the virgin automata, phonographic analysis laboratory, bipolarbeats, sardónico, david sphere, david h. hillman, 2³, tunedin52 and optophonica.

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