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Egypto Knuckles has had a long history in Minnesota hip-hop. From the discovery of De La Soul's "3 Feet High and Rising" on tape, he knew what his life's calling was. Starting out in middle school and high school making mixtapes for friends, he bought turntables and through watching clips of Invisibl Skratch Piklz, DJ Craze and countless others, started teaching himself how to DJ. After building quite the collection and graduating high school, he volunteered for Radio K, learning production as well as hosting The Beat Box on Radio K, which garnered him a lot of acclaim, including winning the Reader's Choice City Pages award for Best Hip-Hop Radio Program 4 years in a row.

After retiring from the radio world in 2006, he then started building sessions which allowed him to know more about the Twin Cities Hip-Hop scene at large and forged friendships with the people that now form the Background Noise Crew. Phingaz, who originally moved from Utah to the Twin Cities to make music, started it by partnering with Phingaz and releasing the compilation "The Mixed Up Tape, Vol. 1". Seen as an idea in experimentation largely from Phingaz, the compilation recieved acclaim from the City Pages and the Star Tribune for being a forward thinking collection of music in the scene.

Since then, Egypto has produced tracks for every member of the Background Noise Crew, E.DoT, Dwynell Roland, Ezra, Dispute One, Gio Van Arkee, Mike Dreams, Truth Be Told (TTxBC), and Johnny Questionmark. He is considered the yin to the yang of Phingaz, the other in house producer, with a soundscape that harkens back to the mid-90s greatness of Hip-Hop while still giving it a fresh new context.

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