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EHDD is a national leader in architecture, design, and sustainability with exceptional expertise in libraries and educational facilities, buildings for science, and housing, as well as museums, aquariums and zoos. In our rich, sixty-year history, we have developed an award-winning practice that integrates planning, technology, and the user experience.

We believe in the primacy of the user and an intensive collaboration with our clients. Known for exceptional design, we strive to create buildings that are not only functional, but are timeless, and flexible. Our mission as architects is to create buildings that are sympathetic to their respective environments yet unique in their identities wherein ambiance and spatial character are enhancements to user and staff experiences.

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  1. Maulik commented on 3 Days in Mumbai
    That's a great way of showing how India actually is! Why don't you submit this for the India Is Global Video Challenge 2014? indiais(dot)org/video . You could definetly win it!