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The best way to really get to know a person, is not by reading an introduction about that person, but to take your time getting to know them. "It takes moments to read this, or hear something. But it takes a lifetime to get to know the person behind those words".

There is a passion that grows with what I like to learn.. This same passion that pushes me further to learn more than others. Being self educated and sharing that self education is extremely important to me. At times its hard to understand why young people who have free time, don't work, need to build up a skill set choose to not teach themselves a new skill. I understand that it is rare for people to live life like Albert Einstein, a man who dedicated his life to Math, Physics and Science.

My passion for Photography, Computers and self education is like Einsteins passion to the world of Science, the Wright Brothers passion to creating their Planes and other passion for their world changing inventions.

Its hard to take that passion and just let it exist without "showing off" or burdening it on others. Which makes me nervous when it comes to talking about these topics.
"Knowledge is a tool, but like any Tool. It can fix something or it can ruin something"

I try to use what I know from networking facebook, to everything else with the best of intentions. Although the world may not see it that way. We are blessed the way we are for good reasons, to use these blessings for bad things. Would be ignorant.
Be sure to check out my Photography page at

and my Computer Repair Service page at

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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