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Sammy J. Silver AKA The Electric Elephant

Creative. Kinetic. Imaginative. For those who know and work with him, his friends nicknamed Sammy as “The Electric Elephant”. Always evolving, Sammy’s hands on artistic/ directorial approach has created an imaginative rabbit hole-body of work-combining evocative imagery with imaginative storytelling. Moving to NY, his director debut began with ABC & ESPN directing the opening campaigns for the world’s biggest sporting events, NBA, NFL, Super Bowl & The Grand Slam. During his time with ABC/ ESPN, Sammy’s strong sense of visuals and imagination combined with unconventional storytelling earned him multiple Emmy Award Wins and Emmy Nominations, eventually catching the eye of HBO. As an EP for HBO Creative, he directed and produced original film shoots for HBO’s most notable series: The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Real Time With Bill Maher, Entourage, Russell Simmon’s Def Poetry, HBO Boxing, and Picturehouse/New Line Cinema’s FUR: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. He was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the NY Film & Video Festival for his project with Curb Your Enthusiasm, in addition to many nominations and awards from the NYFF and Promax/BDA. It’s Sammy’s spark to create worlds & stories with either simple detail or mindblowing visuals that make you believe, you’re right next to the Elephant in the room. Sammy recently wrapped on directing Sony’s Krewella with their new single “Alive”, The Chevin “Champion” Music Video, Pepsi/Feeding America new commercial starring Nick Cannon and Raven Simone, ESPN’s NBA Draft with the music of Adele, Mariah’s NBA Christmas Launch, and a recent commercial with NHL Superstar Ilya Kolvachuk

Most importantly, Sammy is currently working on his directorial film debut of Hotel Kerobokan (Hotel K) this year with Executive Producer, Michael Mailer & Dennis Turcinovic, based upon the international best seller written by Kathryn Bonella.

Today, Sammy is humbled to have directed & worked with some of the most celebrated talent today: U2, The Cast of The Sopranos, Larry David, Bill Maher, Robert Downey Jr, Ms. Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods, Lewis Black, Steve Carrell & many others. Client spots have included: ESPN, ABC, MTV, HBO, Disney Channel, RGA,Agency, Pepsi, R2C Media, NFL, NBA and many others. And this is just the beginning for The Elephant in the room.

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