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" The man who never fails to make a dancefloor pop has got the (Berlin) world at his feet, and that’s just the way he wants it!" Kaltblut Magazine 2013

" Electrosexual is making his name among the coolest musicians in Berlin" Ex-Berliner 2013

„This new single is a brillant example of RetroDisco futuristic Bomb" Tsugi Magazine 2013

"Electrosexual? just the right words for Noisey!" Noisey/Vice 2013

"One Killer Track after the next. A historical modern Disco Record. Can´t stop listening." Steve Morell ( Head of Pale Music Int) 2012

"Electrosexual has created a monster", it's deep and massive,like a thumping heartbeat on a dancefloor , heady with amyl - Worrapolava

"Living machines and synthesizer fetishism" - Ann Shenton, Zoot Magazine

Synth Tamer, Analog Fetishist & Arpeggio Afficionado, French-house producer “Electrosexual”
merges primitive analogic electronic music with original avant-hard sophisticated programming.

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