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Electrowerks Music is the Private studio of producer/engineer Chuck Macak. Electrowerks is a new breed of hybrid studios. Combining the sonic benefits of traditional analog and the infinite possibilities of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). With the implementation of these new ground breaking technologies and the sound of anlog the boundaries are blurred between Analog and Digital to create one seamless sonic landscape. Chuck enlisted the services of Jeff Hedback of HDA to design the room, and he did a great job. The room sounds amazing and is a pleasure to work in. Bright and lively yet dark and comforting. Every artist who works in the room feels very comfortable to let the creative flow happen. Electrowerks has a collection of great analog outboard gear and tape machines of yester year along with some of the current sought-after favorites to make sure all the analog bases are covered. With a huge collection of today’s top Plug-ins there is not much Electrowerks can’t achieve. Electrowerks prides itself for using today’s most powerful computers along with top DAW software like Logic and Pro Tools. Electrowerks can start a recording from scratch or pick up where you left off at a previous studio. To see a list of equipment for Electrowerks click the studio & gear link at the top of the page.

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