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Bio: ELIZABETH PERRIN is a Fashion and Portraiture Photographer focused on Editorial and Commercial work. Raised in New Orleans, she has been involved in numerous aspects of the photography and film world for years. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Communications from the University of New Orleans, with minors in art history and philosophy, she modeled in New York and Paris before beginning a career in film. Elizabeth has worked as a script supervisor on major motion pictures and television commercials, for the marketing and promotions department of VH-1 as a video editor. She has directed numerous Fashion Films for online magazines, public service announcements including anti-smoking campaigns and spots for PBS among others as well as commercials and short films. She currently shoots for Australian Vogue, Style.com, New York Moves magazine, Swindle magazine, Bust magazine, Spin magazine, 944 magazine, Epicurious.com, and the LA Weekly. Her advertising clients include Jenny Craig, Airborne, Rockport Shoes, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, the Ballpark Advertising Agency and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Elizabeth Perrin is based in Brooklyn, New York

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