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A safe refuge for artists, musicians, and filmmakers.

A collection of real individuals pursuing their real passions.
Founded on February 14, 2013, we strive to bring love and compassion to each other.
We're bringing an unprecedented realness to the industry. We believe in cultivating a
creative family that empowers, nurtures, and strengthens the individual and the collective as a whole.
Together we are strong.

We operate on a local level connecting like-minded individuals together, embracing our community, starting artistic movements, and leaving our environment better than when we first came. We believe that the decisions we make influence not only ourselves but the entire universe. We strive to be a safe and more positive place for individuals who have been previously abused in their trade or in their personal life. We believe in treating each other with respect, compassion and understanding. We welcome all our members as if they were family.

We operate on a global network reaching out to other individuals and collectives who share our vision, passions, and values. Our family knows no geographical bounds.

ELLT realizes that we are connected to each other, whether we are a few miles away, or across the globe. The connections we have within our family is what makes ELLT meaningful, powerful, and desirable. Wherever you go, you are with us.

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