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  1. 13:53

    Complex Movements

    by EMERGENCE Media

    4 Videos

    Complex Movements is a Detroit-based artist collective composed of graphic designer/fine artist Wesley Taylor, music producer/filmmaker Waajeed and hip-hop lyricist/activist Invincible, with creative…

  2. 40:55


    by EMERGENCE Media

    6 Videos

    It is truly rare to find an artist like Invincible. Their spitfire wordplay has received acclaim from fans all across the world, while their active involvement in progressive social change has taken…

  3. 15:13

    Invincible + Waajeed

    by EMERGENCE Media

    3 Videos

    One of Detroit’s most hard-working and respected emcees, Invincible, has teamed up with one of Hip-Hop’s most versatile and respected producers, Waajeed, to release Detroit Summer, a two-song…

  4. 17:35

    The Revival

    by EMERGENCE Media

    2 Videos

    The Revival (Europe, 2009, 17 min) Directed by Invincible. Produced by EMERGENCE Media andIqaa the Olivetone. The Revival gives a candid glimpse into the first meeting of legendary Hip-Hop pioneer…

  5. 06:00

    Wesley Taylor

    by EMERGENCE Media

    1 Video

    Wesley Taylor is a graphic designer, fine artist, musician, and curator. He has spent many years "scene building" in the Detroit Hip Hop community by participating as both an emcee and graphic…

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