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  1. Alaska Filmmakers | alaskafilmmakers.com

    by Alaska HDTV joined

    162 Videos / 32 Members

    This is a group to feature the best of Alaska filmmakers. Display a reel, whether it's a documentary, short/full feature film, television show/pilot or a public service production - if it's…

  2. Christian Media

    by Gonzalo Tello joined

    6,276 Videos / 2,167 Members

    A beautiful group of people that love God and make beautiful things for Him.

  3. Mac Users

    by FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland joined

    27.4K Videos / 6,781 Members

    A group for all mac users and those who edit video using a mac.

  4. Cool Music Videos

    by Fly on the Wall joined

    35.1K Videos / 9,042 Members

    Add your cool music video to this group, so far the videos on this group are all from South Africa - would be rad to make it global!

  5. GH1 Music Videos

    by Suban Dey joined

    39 Videos / 24 Members

    For anyone who's shot music videos on the Panasonic GH1. You can do a lot with this little camera!

  6. DSLR Cinema

    by Tracey Lee joined

    100K Videos / 25.8K Members

    DSLRcinema dot com www.dslrcinema.com Filmmaker Tools www.cineflare.com

  7. Music Videos - all genres

    by turbomission joined

    46.2K Videos / 12.1K Members

    One of the oldest and largest groups on Vimeo! This is the best place to view and share all kinds of music videos. And if you're an artist wanting to get some exposure, this is the place to start.

  8. Panasonic GH1

    by Sean Sheridan joined

    3,328 Videos / 1,015 Members

  9. Panasonic GHx & micro4/3 Community

    by Liza Witz joined

    14.9K Videos / 4,908 Members

    This is the largest and fastest growing micro 4/3 cinema group on vimeo! We started around the GH1 and have expanded to include the gamut of these new generation of innovative mirror-less high quality…

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