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Emiliano Kore is a "gypsy soul terranian", born in mexico on da 80's and with a huge "will" to learn and travell but mainly enjoying every little moment of life...

Living actually in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he's specializing in Film Scoring... and doing his 2nd career in directing films !!!

Focused on music, sound and its ramifications since the mid 90's... he's been doing jingles, scores, experimentations, sound design, synthesis, mix & master, etc ...
Besides touring the world as a dj between 2000 and 2012.

Although his zone of work has been mostly with music & sound, he loves films / videos, and the moving frames in all range of styles, colours and spices... ; lately he's learning & working with more things connected to that... yeah !!! \ o /

hope u enjoy it ... !!!

And many more to come !!! \ o /
𝄢 𝄀 ♪ ♩♫ ♪ !!!

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