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Empire Films prides itself on creating efficient, high quality, and financially responsible projects. As a result of many years of development, and the creation of new and cutting edge projects we've built many incredible resources, including cast, crew, equipment, and locations. We are resourceful, don't waste money, have the ability to stretch a budget, and make a moderate budget look studio quality.

As a result of our domestic and international shoots we've built contacts and relationships on a global scale.

We've sold our projects to both major and mini major distribution companies, creating a revenue stream, thus enabling us to bankroll into our next projects. In addition, we bring aboard a diverse group of private equity to fulfill our budget requirements.

We are currently seeking to build our investor and co-production base, both to widen our reach and to create high quality projects within a responsible budget, without compromising quality.

Discovering new directors auteur/creative, which we feel is lacking in the majority of current cinema.

The Company has been created with the specific purpose to bring European personal vision to a more mainstream type of cinema, without limiting however any genre. In fact we do believe even genre films could, and should be made with a more insightful structure, very elaborate, more visionary style.

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