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My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. My name's Maneesha however spelled, 'Maneesa', I see myself as a visionary stuck in a realists mind; the hypocrisy of the idea is that I'm both a dreamer and a cynic. I've been given an outlet for my voice through poetry, literature, art and film. My life has often been spectacularly surreal and I thrive on the confidence I have gained in my short 17 years to be myself; a self determined feminist, writer, speaker and artist, attempting to prevent the antagonist from within.

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  • Drainless Shower - A site I use to post blogs, poetry, and bits and pieces of writings involving a spill of my thoughts, ideas, needs and desires.
  • Twitter - The online realm I confide in for sanity.
  • Youtube - Not a lot of videos are posted on this site as I feel no need to necessarily publish on this website.


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