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  1. Music Videos

    by Keith

    698 Videos / 18.3K Followers

    Internet didn't kill the video star, it creates them. Music videos on Vimeo. NOTE: Most common asked question: "How do I add videos to this channel? A: Most important thing is to make…

  2. Shoot for the Edit

    by Charlie McCarthy

    70 Videos / 11.9K Followers

    This channel is for sharing editing and shooting techniques for beginning and advanced video producers.

  3. Pavel Badzhakov Fashion Photography Channel

    by Pavel Badzhakov

    15.8K Videos / 9,768 Followers

    London based fashion photographer and videographer with over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry. Over 15K videos and over 9000 followers in the channel!!! Send me a PM with your…

  4. tYPE iN mOtiON

    by RIZM design

    475 Videos / 1,936 Followers

    words and letters as motiongraphics

  5. Fashion Film Network

    by fashionfilmnetwork

    379 Videos / 1,633 Followers

    The best in short fashion films curated from around the world. Producer: Fred Sweet Directors and creators please submit to : Fsweetsd@gmail.com Also please visit our Facebook page for daily…

  6. New York City HD

    by Chris Gampat

    414 Videos / 1,354 Followers

    Rejoice! I'm bringing this channel back from my long inactivity. It is now a curatorial channel comprising of some of the best work showing off our lovely city, NYC. Shoot me a message and…

  7. MK12

    by MK12

    125 Videos / 1,050 Followers

    MK12 is a full service lateral hyperthreaded tactical design and research bureau. www.mk12.com www.followthesun.tv www.telephoneme.tv


    by Reginald Emvula

    20 Videos / 739 Followers

    For all 3D animation's from any software, this channel gives you a chance to showcase your 3D work to all other 3D enthusiasts. Any and all are welcome, emphasis will be given to critiquing…

  9. typography

    by ilovetypography.com

    15 Videos / 571 Followers

    Type-related videos from iLT.

  10. Videos with great stories

    by Daniel Freytag

    73 Videos / 59 Followers

    All videos in this channel are both well made and have a great story. If you like them, you can Subscribe and follow this Channel. http://freytag-film.com

  11. WeAreGreen.tv

    by Babe Elliott Baker

    38 Videos / 20 Followers

    Documenting, supporting, promoting, and providing creative services to green companies, local farms & animal life, independent music & arts, and natural health alternatives for your body,…

  12. Canon 5D Mark II Videos

    by Envision Studio

    112 Videos / 12 Followers

    All these videos have been shot with a Canon 5D Mark II. Filmed & edited by Ben Nelson of Envision. Ben@studioev.com 347-692-0883

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