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A professional SF Bay Area film and video editor brings your vision to life on the screen.

Eric Pomert loves visual storytelling: creating it, watching it, and conversing about it.

Eric is an independent film and video editor who specializes in finely-crafted life stories using existing footage. His style is distinctly cinematic.

He has worked in high-end production and postproduction in film, tv, and new media for over 25 years. He has creatively led projects seen on the Super Bowl and around the globe, working with such talents as Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, Barbara Walters, Lauren Bacall, Paul Simon, and Jake Lamotta. His career path began with film editing and has evolved into directing, producing, and script consulting. He has guided multi-million dollar projects that have garnered creative accolades in Cannes, Sundance, MoMA New York, and the London International Advertising Awards.

His recent projects include film and video stories about a celebrated film director, a child’s rite of passage, and a gay couple’s historic New York City marriage.

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