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Hello and Welcome!

This site currently hosts a few videos which merely scratch the surface of my personal and professional adventures and experiential research.

NOTE: Most are impromptu video captures. Contact us to view ERG professional video productions.

I'm passionate about life and relationships. Relationships of all sorts - most especially human relationships focused on experiential learning, adventure, well-being, innovation, leadership, diversity, sustainability, and continuous improvement.

Life delights, scares, and puzzles us all. One heck of journey we're on! I'm driven to better understand and overcome humankinds challenges in ways that create new thoughts and sustainable solutions for individuals and organizations. My quest is to implement best practices in my own life with the approach of being in-service to others seeking peak experiences, improved performance and well-being. I operate with an ever present focus on sustainable economic prosperity for current and future generations.

Stay tuned for a diverse and expanding chronicle of 100+ episodes wherein you can adventure with me alongside intriguing and entertaining guest experts sharing compelling stories, state-of-arts and sciences, case studies, and other resources to help you, your family, and your business THRIVE!

Filmed in a variety of interesting settings and locales, you may come upon new insights and practices that fit just right. Although the subject matter is very diverse, you may notice consistent themes which include optimal human development and sustainable economic & business development strategies and tactics.

We humans yearn to be fully-engaged in our lives. Why is it that ongoing global research reveals we've reached epidemic levels of disengagement and presenteeism. Due to numerous interrelated factors, many are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, and increasingly burnt-out. Even for those among us thriving in one or more arenas... there is very often a void of meaning and purpose (as days & decades pass).

After experiencing 3 decades of success in many endeavors, I came upon the realization that I and more than a few friends and associates were participants in an epidemic cycle of dysfunction. As my market research and personal reflection deepened, I became appalled by the poor example our society and culture (and I) was modeling for current and future generations. Research revealed the root causes of these cycles as "systemically interdependent". Therefore whole-systems re-thinking (re-imagining) is our most direct path to lasting solutions.

My long term objective is to accelerate sustainable sea-change in this massive socio-economic dysfunction and its relentless syphoning of human capacity (creativity & well-being).

I and my colleagues look forward to meaningful encounters with you and your team. We're good listeners and we play well with others!

Email or call:
info [at] ERGpresents [dot] com



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