Eric Allen

Nashville, TN

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I am a recording and mix engineer, sound designer, film composer, music history nerd, audio post producer, videographer, motion graphics and 3d animator, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, lover of synthesizers, percussive and resonant surfaces, and an all around media-phile. I relate all things in life to sound and light and observe our perception of the electromagnetic spectrum with the greatest curiosity and reverence. I live for collaborating with other individuals that seek to expand their horizon, and constantly seek to share in the forward progression of both the artistic and scientific aspects of sound, film, and animation.


  1. Jenn Grossman
  2. yöyen munchausen
  3. SJM
  4. Patrick Phoenix
  5. hugo johnson
  6. Daniel Lane
  7. Nick Schoener
  8. Sean Martin
  9. Johnny Russo