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I, as a Conscious Observer — endowed with feelings and perceptions — will ALWAYS be in search of not “THEE truth” but rather the CONSTANTLY emerging “Bigger Truths”. And once I feel “comfortable” that I have “arrived at” these Bigger Truths… I shall progress or maybe even regress at times and QUESTION these so-called “Bigger Truths” I have come to know. THIS, if there is any such thing… IS the TRUE nature of what it means “to be alive”! — Eric Bochene (2011)

Foremost, I simply consider myself an individual human being of this earth. And, I perceive that in life, one should always go about as both a teacher and a student. Regardless of age, education or so-called social status.

Sorry mates, but I've invested over a decade of non-salaried, independent research into just how our global monetary/market economic system that we ALL live UNDER works and how it's perpetuated and some time ago — albeit I've suspected it pretty much my entire life — I came to the conclusion that our current human condition and ALL thee major institutions that seek to shape our lives and the human condition in general... are virtually 100% unsustainable.

Not only are the unsustainable, but they are UN-sane. They are primitive, diversionary, un-fair and based upon ideologies and approaches that are totally out-dated, irrelevant and out-of-step with the knowledge and technology we as humans possess today.

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