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As you may be able to tell by watching my videos and films, I fall into two niches that seem to be complete opposites. The first is horror films. Whenever I direct a narrative film I always lean towards the horror genre. Besides loving horror movies, the reason I write and direct horror films is because every aspect of any regular movie is enhanced within the horror spectrum (when done correctly) plus the horror community is extremely supportive of each other. The other niche my work falls under is nature. As an avid long distance backpacker I have collected hours of amazing footage of the natural world. My films have been featured in festivals around the United States, winning many awards, and have been praised by various industry professionals. My nature videography has been used for various outdoor organizations including The Sheltowee Trace Association, University of Cincinnati Mountaineering Club, Northern KY University's Center for Environmental Eduction, and the Hamilton County Park District.
Currently I'm involved in preproduction of a feature length coming of age horror film, and I plan on doing a documentary on the Appalachian Trail after our film is finished with the festival circuit.
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  1. Out on a Limb Studios
  2. UC Mountaineering Club
  3. Roman Luck

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