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I am a Senior Lecturer at Loughborough School of Design. Prior to this appointment I worked at Northumbria University as a Reader and at the University of Western Sydney, Australia as Associate Head of School.

As a researcher and an educator in the field of design he is interested in the skills and competencies of designers and the match between these and industry requirements. The results from his research in this area have been used to guide the development of curriculum in design management subjects and courses so that future graduates may more effectively fulfil industry requirements.

My current research explores changes associated with Globalisation and the impact of these changes on Design. This research has been used to develop an innovative international collaboration named the Global Studio.

My ongoing research interest is examining product development processes in geographically distributed and cross-cultural product development teams. The Global Studio provides a platform to undertake this research and develop cross-institution and cross-disciplinary engagement.

A focus of the Global Studio is to equip students with cross cultural, distance communication and design skills. These skills are becoming increasingly important in a global environment. The Global Studio integrates elements from a design studio model of education with elements that equip students with specific knowledge and skills required to work in globally networked organisations and distributed design teams. Over the past 4 years close to 700 students have taken part and benefited from this initiative.

My research has been published in international journals and conferences.

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