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  1. Timelapse Videos

    by Timewarp joined

    2,909 Videos / 2,748 Members

    This VIMEO Group is dedicated to Timelapse lovers. All best videos are gathered by category in Group albums : http://vimeo.com/groups/timelapsevideos/album/3101 PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING…

  2. Timelapses

    by Joan Gelabert joined

    6,587 Videos / 2,529 Members

  3. TallScreen Video

    by Michael Lee Ring joined

    64 Videos / 79 Members

    Feel free to add any TALLscreen (aka vertical videos) to this group. Enjoy!

  4. || tallscreen.

    by Giorgio Constantine joined

    44 Videos / 527 Members

    Welcome to the advent of a new wave of videography. This is a group for videos that are shot and demonstrated vertically. {Basically it's Eye Candy for your blogs} We are interested to see…

  5. Digital Harinezumi Users Unite!

    by emma h joined

    1,306 Videos / 1,072 Members

    For those special few that use and adore Harinezumis. The camera that films reality just as we remember it from our childhood memories. The best thing yet to happen to faux retro camera hipsterism.

  6. Snow

    by Han Wijman joined

    1,233 Videos / 329 Members

    Is Snow getting rare at our planet? According to Al Gore it is. But what about Snow on Vimeo? I know you guys out there have a lot of footage! Please be my guest and post your video about…

  7. snowboard

    by Snowboard Quebec joined

    2,731 Videos / 531 Members

    General worldwide snowboard videos group. Add your own snowboard videos, clips, movies, films... Share with the community what you got !

  8. Skateboarding

    by Systematic Media/Skim Invasion joined

    7,323 Videos / 2,642 Members

    post your skateboarding videos

  9. Skate

    by Aaron Booth joined

    2,013 Videos / 751 Members

    The home of skateboarding on the Vimeo.

  10. short narrative films

    by Cory White joined

    6,867 Videos / 3,943 Members

    This group is for short films that are narrative driven, character filled and anything else that makes cinema compelling. Humor is hard, drama is risky, suspense can be a bust. But their all basically…

  11. Storyteller's Paradise

    by Richard Cameron White joined

    5,125 Videos / 2,058 Members

    A group designed for all your beautiful videos that tell a story. No matter how short or long, what medium you use, if it's a story about someone or something- add your it here. Imagery and music…

  12. Cats videos

    by diamondbabes usa joined

    309 Videos / 220 Members

    Funny cats videos

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