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  1. Sand animation films

    by David Myriam subscribed to

    23 Videos / 22 Followers

    Sand (or other powder) animation movies: mostly made frame by frame. All the nice, politicals, nature or animals involved films.

  2. Stop... Motion!

    by Forrest O. subscribed to

    21 Videos / 192 Followers

    hd stopmotion animation... you don't need an new video camera to produce hd content!

  3. Stop Motion

    by Elliot Clowes subscribed to

    13 Videos / 318 Followers


    by Vimida Das subscribed to

    1,296 Videos / 775 Followers

    A place where some of the really creative videos, especially animated ones, find a home :)

  5. After Effects Tutorials

    by Cartoon Smart subscribed to

    2 Videos / 679 Followers

    A channel for After Effects training.

  6. Lineboil - Boiling Hot Character Animation

    by Aaron Simpson subscribed to

    1,020 Videos / 871 Followers

    Lineboil.com feeds you boiling-hot animated videos every day, and all we ask for in return is your soul. A fair shake if there ever was one.

  7. A shortfilm selection on Vimeo

    by Emmanuel Tenenbaum subscribed to

    187 Videos / 1,118 Followers

    I unfortunately miss time to update this channel regularly. Help is welcome!

  8. The Vimeo Cooking Channel

    by Luke Ross subscribed to

    183 Videos / 1,486 Followers

    The Vimeo Cooking Channel is dedicated to providing informative and educational videos related to Cooking from the Vimeo Community. Want your video added? Subscribe and send me a link anytime for…

  9. The Vimeo Short Film Channel

    by Rod Blackhurst subscribed to

    151 Videos / 1,767 Followers

    Welcome to the Vimeo Short Film Channel, home to the best narrative and documentary short films found on Vimeo. This channel is curated by small group of filmmakers looking to showcase great short…

  10. After Effects Animations

    by schoft subscribed to

    35 Videos / 1,555 Followers

    This channel is created for all the video editors making animations in Adobe After Effects. You can share your own creations, Or view and comment other people's work.

  11. animation!

    by Mariusz Kornatka subscribed to

    616 Videos / 1,402 Followers

  12. animade tv

    by Tom Judd subscribed to

    601 Videos / 2,081 Followers

    http://animade.tv all vimeo vid's that appear on animade.tv will now also be shown here and visa-versa. But remember animade.tv does not only show vimeo videos so make sure you don't…

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