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East Side Church of God exists for the purpose of lifting up Jesus Christ as Savior for the Lost, Lord of the Church, and Reconciler for the World so that people may Discover Hope for Living!

Our mission statement is more than a collection of words describing the ministries of our congregation. It is a revelation of the very ethos of our life together as the people of God. For over half a century hundreds of people have come together on the East Side of this small Midwestern city to connect to God and to each other. When we leave this place we go into our homes, our schools, our businesses, and our community to serve God by serving others. It makes us grow as individuals and the people of God. The love of Jesus Christ becomes a part of our daily life. We share life and love and Jesus with those around us. We worship with the daily activities of our life. We “lift up Jesus Christ” and people living in a hopeless world discover hope for their living.

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