Escoffier Arthur

Saint Thomas en Royans - FRANCE

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Hey Everyone,
I'm a french student passionate of filmmaking and skiing. This is my Vimeo page, where you can find all of my productions from a simple concept to a final project. I'm focused on video clip around different topics such as Art, sports (ski, BMX), lifestyle, expedition, advertisement...
I created a small production company called MyOwnWay with one of my friend Valentin Meneveau to regroup all our creation. Still all of them were made without budget.
Because i'm as well a skier, you are going to find some POV shots about my ski seasons.

Otherwise i'm a product designer and engineer student interesting in Art, Product Design, Engineer design, Branding and Marketing...

Be free to contact me for any comments, critics, or maybe for a project that you would like to develop with me. I will be really happy to help you :


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