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  1. FPV-Community

    by Grandcaravan joined

    3,199 Videos / 578 Members

    For all FPV-pilots of www.FPV-Community.com and www.FPV-Community.de

  2. sUAS

    by AdamChicago joined

    5,225 Videos / 1,039 Members

    FPV, UAV and Remote Control Aerial Videography fans please contribute to and enjoy some of the best aerial video footage found on Vimeo. These three disciplines of aerial videography represent…

  3. Small Unmanned Aerial Systems News

    by Gary Mortimer joined

    46 Videos / 15 Members

    Video finds for sUAS news, the UK UAV news source

  4. Multi-rotor Copters

    by Copter Richie joined

    854 Videos / 144 Members

    This group was formed to discuss and share videos about VTOL such as Helicopter, Tricopter and Quads but not limited to this form of aircraft. It is our hopes to keep the community lean discussion…

  5. Multicopters

    by Aerialshots joined

    3,015 Videos / 694 Members

    A group dedicated to multirotor enthusiasts! Also check out our RC Forum on http://www.rcmodelforum.com It's all about sharing our hobby!

  6. OpenPilot

    by Oleg Semyonov joined

    592 Videos / 225 Members

    Let's put all our OP videos there!

  7. Mikrokopter

    by Ingo Eberhardt joined

    2,194 Videos / 478 Members

    More at http://www.mikrokopter.com/ Quadrokopter, Hexakopter, Oktokopter. Nur für Mikrokopter Videos! Only for Mikrokopter videos! Please do not upload videos with foreign plattforms,…

  8. UAVP Next Generation Multikopter Project

    by Amir Guindehi joined

    146 Videos / 28 Members

    This is a open source community project to build a modern autonomously flying Multicopter.

  9. Multikopter

    by BaerBalu joined

    3,700 Videos / 655 Members

    Quadrokopter-, Trikopter-, Hexakopter-, Octokopter- und ?-Kopter-Videos sind hier richtig. :) Die verwendete Plattform (MultiWii, APM, Naza, Naze32, DJI Phantom, Arm-O-Kopter, BigQuadro, MikroKopter,…

  10. Quadro-Kopter

    by quadrokopter joined

    103 Videos / 16 Members

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