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i think and ask myself alot of questions!, like what i want to achieve in the long run? and why i am here? and what is iam meant to be doing in this life?..
i was studying civil engineering,.. because it was said thats its good to be an engineer :S, but i thought,,,fuck it....i will do what i love to do

• So i began to search for what i love,
and i like anything that is beautiful, art, drawing, writing, philosophy, movies and muzik of course!..
so i began to self learn Visual effects from the Internet, and got into a VFX Career since that.
now iam doing what i love to do...thank GOD

• Worked as a (3D-2D Artist/ Compositor) on 100+ projects {Advertising, Commercials, Channel identities, Brandings, Music Videos, Movies }
• 6+ years of Professional Experience
• i also like to write Constructive Criticism/ Articles and poems

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