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Greetings and welcome to E.U.M.I.R.G. [pronounced as you-merge].

E.U.M.I.R.G. is a unique facebook based networking group created for like-minded underground music connoisseurs to unite, connect and share the music they feel passionate about. It's for both artists and listeners alike. It's a great way to collaborate, discover and explore new music amongst a variety of music genres.

*ECLECTIC--All genres of music
*UNDERGROUND--Hidden, not of the mainstream
*MUSICAL--Of music production
*INFLUENCES--The capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc.
*REFERRAL--To recommend
*GROUP--Any collection or assemblage of persons or things

***Let's post with an emphasis on all aspects of MUSICAL INFLUENCES!
Influences are the historical inspirations of what/where music is today.
Think of the variety of musical influences that inspire artists...
What types of elements influenced the musicians you're posting about? (genres, artist collaborations, record labels, communications, technology, decades, cultures, movements, geographic locations, etc. etc. etc.)

Let's dig much deeper than just the surface...
All music genres appear to be somehow connected. Let's collaborate to connect the dots and map out those connections by posting replies to new and old posts...ultimately leading us to brainstorm and discover informative background details hidden beneath the surface. Facts and statistics that go beyond the linear notes and cover artwork of vinyl LP records, 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, and MP3s.

Feel free to post:
Links to music videos, live concerts, interviews, songs, artist collaborations, etc.
Album release info, promotional materials, EPKs, artist artwork, etc.
Band & artist tour dates, cool concert venues, etc.
Independent record labels, etc.
Music blogs, music reviews, magazines, zines, e-zines, etc.
Hidden or unknown fun facts and statistics, etc.
Anything else you feel is worthy of posting! Etc. etc. etc.

Let's expand our E.U.M.I.R.G. group!
Members, please add your friends to this group who will appreciate it! To join this group you either have to be referred in by a member, apply within the group, or you can send an email to to request membership

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