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Hi there!

My name's Evan and I've been editing for around 3 years using Avid Media Composer. I now work Freelance, mainly as an Assistant Editor on TV and Features, or Editing Corporates and Music videos.

Having worked as an Audio Editor at the BBC before training in AVID at The National Film and TV School, I then trained with and became a Staff Editor at Veejo Digital Video Production in Glasgow. You should check them out; their are an incredibly accomplished and polished company. Their corporate videos are incredibly classy. veejo.co.uk

Since moving into the crazy world of Freelance I've worked as an Assistant Editor for "Pramface" for BBC 3, "River City", and Dexter Fletcher's "Sunshine on Leith" feature. I've also shot and edited corporates for Go Dance and Prezi Training, and acted as Data Wrangler for Channel 4's Bafta nominated Ob-doc "Coppers"

My vimeo is a wee repository for everything I do: from my showreel and professional jobs, to camera trials, silly ideas, and sketches I've knocked together in an hour. My intention is to arrange them meticulously by content, but as organisation and detail is what I do everyday at my work, I tend to let it slide when it comes to getting home so there's a good chance everything will be lumped together.

Have a wee look and see what you can find.

For any enquiries about work, please email or leave a comment.



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