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Orlando , FL

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Evan Hewitt cut his teeth in the business by refining the sales, marketing and production processes of Discovery Tours, a new business start up offering in-hotel tourism travel videos. He went on to form a local production company, Attitude Media which produced TV commercials, documentaries, marketing and image videos. He co-created and wrote the outdoor adventure TV show, Mountain Attitude that showcased adventure sports such as mountain biking and snowboarding. His work and interests have taken him to over fourteen different countries. Evan has worked on projects for Red Bull, Harley-Davidson and Marriott Hotels. He holds an M.F.A in Film & Television from Savannah College of Art & Design, where his graduate thesis film was awarded, “Best Graduate Screenplay”. He is also the recipient of three Telly Awards and currently serves as a Course Director in the MFA Film Production Program at Full Sail University in Orlando FL.


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