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~ Manager, Place Management & Marketing at Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore
~ Freelance Documentary Editorial Photographer
~ Former (Retired) DeviantART.com Gallery Director/Moderator © 96-10

Evan was a street documentary photographer and artist covering global assignments on people, lifestyle, and culture. He has been clicking since 1997, and was formerly a Gallery Director for Photojournalism at DeviantART.com, the world’s largest online art community. Evan’s choice of genre leans heavily toward “making the strange familiar and the familiar strange” in our everyday lives. A purist at heart, his passion in street documentary finds him documenting a scene compelling enough for viewers to feel as though they are a part of the story. Evan enjoys the purity of a scene untouched and in its own element to portray the lifestyle and culture of a path less taken. He was also one of the Guest Speakers for Asian Geographic's One Asia Festival 2010 in Singapore for Street Photography alongside the likes of Michael Yamashita and Steve McCurry. Evan's archived works can be found online at evanhwong.tumblr.com/

Evan now helms the marketing team alongside The Old Parliament House Limited of Singapore to manage the Place Making unit of Goodman Arts Centre. He is also the admin for the GAC FB page at facebook.com/GoodmanArtsCentre and for its official site at GoodmanArtsCentre.SG

Evan is also vying to be a part of the Artists Wanted project called Arts at Times Square 2012. Click "Collect" if you think he deserves it here: evanhwong.artistswanted.org/atts2012

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