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A little Ninja figure wanders the streets of a labyrinthine city by night. A snake painting suddenly appears and traps him in its dripping lines. The ninja slips through the bars and escapes. He steps out into a desert where a flat-tinted red horse is waiting for him. Mounting his steed, he gallops off towards a luxuriant jungle. This is just the start of a long series of adventures for the little ninja - who has in the meantime changed into a savage with antlers - as he heads for an unknown destination.

Evasion is part of the « Laboratoire d’Images » short film collection. 5 students worked during seven weeks with the french illustrator Speedy Graphito to produce this short film. The full lenght movie was broadcasted on Canal+, a french TV channel, in 2011. It's now available on the DVD boxset of the collection.


  1. Paulin Cointot
  2. Paul-Emile BOUCHER
  3. Antoine Robert
  4. Benjamin FLOUW
  5. remy dupont

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