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One of the main influences I had was my mom, who accompanied every Saturday afternoon at the barbershop in the neighborhood. Who told me that women always have to be cute and it does not matter to go to the corner had to go make-up even with a base and a lipstick.

In the 5th and 6th. College courses, I started working with my best customers so far, "my classmates," and was just one that invited me to play and finish the entire cast make-up play, I do not remember more name of work, but if I remember who won.

evaBN When I turned 18, I received the first proposal of the famous stylist working with Felix and a year later I joined the staff of Rommy where I worked until 96. Then without realizing it was working for television, as an image of Evany television program, who paid me in makeup.

The great inspiration in regards to makeup, I gave the studies of oil painting and acrylics in various workshops with the world, as I realized there were colors in the paintings, and I could create light and shadow on the faces . To name a few of my inspirations, teachers for me, Kalela Zaldivar, Liliana Miranda and Hernan Segovia.

It was in 1997, I had the opportunity to fulfill a cherished dream, opening my own salon, and 17 September the same year, with friends and family opened the Aesthetic Center for Integral Eva Noguera, located in the place so far on the road May 25 and Francez Republic, with modern imported equipment. And from that day did not stop again, with training in cosmetology, colorimetry, dermopigmentation Meicha in the U.S. with, and in Paris - France, I was proud to represent America to Paraguay as the only invited by YSL "Yves Saint Laurent."

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