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EVELYN - metal band from Poland

The band was formed by Chorus (guitars, drum machine, electronics) and Asteria (keyboard) in the end of 2002.

Alexa - vocal
Asteria - synthesizer
Chorus - guitars, drums programming & electronics, bass guitar, composing

Destroyed Beauty (single, 2014)
Black Tears [Edge of Sanity cover] (single, 2013)
The Key to Understanding Suicides (full-length, 2012)
Catatonic Euphoria (single, 2011)
Suicidal Melancholy (single, 2010)
Awareness of Death (full-length, 2008)
Assertivity (full-length, 2006)
Schizophrenic Key (demo, 2004)
Instrumental Demo (demo, 2003)

ORIGIN: Poland

GENRE: Dark Atmospheric Metal / Melodic Metal / Industrial Metal / Electronica

CONTACT: asterian@wp.pl

BUY CD [please contact us]:
The Key to Understanding Suicides - 5 EUR + shipping / 6 USD + shipping
Awareness of Death - 4 EUR + shipping / 5 USD + shipping

Band was created by the end of the year 2002 in Zbaszynek (small town in western Poland). In the beginning it comprised of two people: Asteria (keyboard) and Chorus (guitar). After a few weeks of rehearsals Morgoth (bass guitar) joined the band. In June 2003 we recorded track "Cyklotymia" in a studio and just after a few months (summer 2003) we recorded our first demo, on which three instrumental tracks were included: "Cyklotymia", "Anestezja Uczuc", "Odrzucenie" - it's entitled as Instrumental Demo. In a three-person make-up we played a few concerts. We decided to leave tracks from the first demo in their instrumental versions. We started to work on a new material. In December of 2003 Kristof (vocals) joined the band, material was created, which we recorded in Spring of 2004. Demo is entitled Schizophrenic Key and consists of four tracks: "Icarus", "Schizophrenic Key", "Trauma", "Mirror". Already in a four-person team we played a dozen or so concerts, our recordings were presented in various radio stations. In the meantime new tracks were created. In Spring 2006 we recorded material entitled Assertivity which consists of six tracks: "Shame", "About Legion", "Seasons", "Sickness Of Structures", "With Stars Polemic", Journey". In October of 2006 the band parted ways with the bassist, in December of 2006 Kristof (vocals on albums Schizophrenic Key, Assertivity) left the band. At present we aid ourselves with a programmed bass. In January of 2007 vocalist Alexa joined the band. We started to work on new tracks. In Spring 2008 we recorded our newest material entitled "Awareness of Death", the album consists of five tracks: "In the Gears of the Time Machine", "Unreal Asylum", "Anaesthetic Spectrum", "Awareness of Death", "Mental Isolation". In March 2010 we recorder a single entitled "Suicidal Melancholy". In March 2011 we recorded a single entitled "Catatonic Euphoria". We started to work on new tracks. In November 2011 we recorded another song - "Romantic Aboulia". In spring of 2012 we finished recording the song "Schizophrenic Lullaby". In March 2012 we released the new album entitled "The Key to Understanding Suicides", the CD consists of songs recorded between 2010 - 2012. In January 2013 we recorded a single (cover song) "Black Tears". In February 2014 we recorded a single entitled "Destroyed Beauty".

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