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  1. Every Frame a Painting

    by Tony Zhou subscribed to

    16 Videos / 2,740 Followers

    Dedicated to the analysis of film form. Pictures and sound all the way, baby.

  2. Short of the Week

    by Short of the Week subscribed to

    929 Videos / 17.6K Followers

    Leading curators of online short film since 2007. www.shortoftheweek.com Want to be featured? Submit your film shortoftheweek.com/submit We made a film! "The Thomas Beale Cipher" http://vimeo.com/19115071

  3. HD Eye Candy

    by Red Rain subscribed to

    614 Videos / 187 Followers

    This channel focuses on stunning visual, timelapse, and audio content.

  4. HD Time

    by Ben subscribed to

    6,201 Videos / 5,357 Followers

    TIME to watch some awesome videos! https://vimeo.com/couchmode/channels/153123/ Time of the past, present or future. It could be a time of the season, a time to work, time to enjoy, a timelapse…

  5. HDR Vimeo

    by Nobilis Bellator subscribed to

    31 Videos / 12 Followers

    I love this type of photography. Some people are highly critical of HDR, they feel it is not photography, that it is more the result of digital manipulation of images. It reminds me of the early years…

  6. HD Car Videos

    by Ionut - HD-Car-Videos.Com subscribed to

    4,567 Videos / 2,927 Followers

    Find us on: HD Car Videos Blog: http://www.hd-car-videos.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HDCarVideos Twitter: http://twitter.com/HD_Car_Videos .

  7. Light Trails

    by Joshua Gaunt subscribed to

    61 Videos / 31 Followers

    Slow Shutter & Long Exposure fun!

  8. lightwriting

    by herrlicht subscribed to

    42 Videos / 35 Followers

    for lightwriting videos from single frames

  9. Mobile Art

    by James Alliban subscribed to

    82 Videos / 152 Followers

    Mobile devices are excellent platforms for interactive art. This channel is a celebration of such artefacts.

  10. Documentary Film

    by Brian Van Peski subscribed to

    706 Videos / 40.6K Followers

    A place for Vimeo's documentaries including full documentaries, single chapters, or extended trailers, over 3 minutes in length.

  11. Beyond Nature HD

    by Tom Dowser subscribed to

    1,096 Videos / 3,134 Followers

    Beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and natural scenery in HD.

  12. Pantare

    by Retner subscribed to

    584 Videos / 189 Followers

    Pantare(Πάντα ρει). Everything is in a state of flux... - "What slows down when everything speeds up? Why do things that move fast demonstrate a unique inner…

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