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Every Hill Films is a little company with a huge passion for the product: truly exceptional non-fiction specials, series and factual-based dramas.

The company was launched on New Year’s Day 2013 by Emmy award winning producer Nicole Rittenmeyer, co-founder of New Animal Productions, the prodco behind award-winning and critically acclaimed specials such as JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America, (History 2009), Third Reich: The Rise and Fall (History, 2010), Trek Nation (Science, 2011), and 9/11 The Days After (History, 2011).

Prior to co-founding New Animal, Nicole spent more than a decade developing, writing, producing and supervising hundreds of hours of content. Her many credits include high-profile specials like the Emmy nominated Inside 9/11 (Nat Geo, 2005) and multiple Emmy award-winning 102 Minutes That Changed America, (2008) History’s most watched special of all time.

At Every Hill Films, commitment to quality is everything. Which is why critics have described it as “innovative,” “groundbreaking” “impossible to turn off,” and “the best you will see on this subject” -- because every project is our very best work.

So yes, we’ll die on that hill. Because we love what we do.

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