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Ewoudt Boonstra is creative director, art director-at-large, designer and film director.

He dreamt up communication for the likes of KesselsKramer, J&B Whiskey, SNS Bank, Protest Boardwear,
The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Vodafone, Grolsch, Dommelsch, Bavaria, Sultana, Foot Locker, 55DSL
and the ghetto-tech band Le Le. His cultural projects include Radio on TV (VPRO), Kijkers (VPRO) and
Het Beeldinstituut (De Volkskrant).

Ewoudt also makes books.
His most recent publications include Bad Food Gone Worse, a book about faded food photography,
and Anonymous, a book that explores the visual world of anonymity.

Ewoudt is happily married, has two children and is a very competitive amateur ping-pong enthusiast.

Good luck.

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